January 26 2020 solar eclipse astrology

Both the anger and any potential pain is emotional but may also be felt physically by you or another, or in the home environment. There is danger when taking risks or acting impulsively. However, holding onto anger and frustration is not advised so some degree of emotional discomfort is to be expected in close relationships, especially with women. The key to handling this quick anger is to release your frustrations in a controlled way.

If it is you who has annoyed someone else, then try not to be overly defensive or mean when they share their feelings with you. Cuts or burns, especially in the kitchen, would be signs of not dealing with your emotional troubles. Courage is needed to face what is making you feel threatened. Emotional attacks from others are just as likely as you losing your temper with a loved one. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse culminates into a tense aspect to Mars. Mars can precipitate action, anger or haste. Mercury deals with communications, contracts or deals.

I think there will be some impatience or action or even some anger that leads to some communication or deal Mercury rules Gemini or maybe a culmination dealing with work Mercury also rules Virgo. Jupiter is in its debilitated sign of Capricorn, so we see what Saturn in Capricorn is doing and it is good in its own sign. This is more important than the trine it makes to Uranus. However, this trine to Uranus suggests that something exciting or new will be the trigger to this optimistic and happy Jupiter.

The affect of the New Moon Solar Eclipse can be felt on the day it happens through one month out, so look out to see what happens on December 26th through January 26th Full Moon at degrees Gemini will bring a letting go, loss or separation that will bring a change in your relationship or with your money. It is more likely that it will suddenly end things or the very slight chance that it chance it can solidify things if there is no separation or loss.


The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2020

The Full Moon coms exact is a quincunx to Saturn. Because this is Saturn, it has can have a chilling affect or a solidifying affect. Very likely because the aspect from the Moon to Saturn is a quincunx, it points to sudden loss or separation. This is the most important aspect that the moon makes. Of or to what, you might be asking yourself? Well, since the Moon is making a quincunx to Venus also , it points to suddenly not loving someone anymore or losing a love interest or suddenly losing money. OR it can suddenly bring in money or a love interest. And how?

Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 20-26, 12222

Moon is also making a quincunx to Pluto a lso. This could mean by manipulation or control. Skip to content. Home Contact. Lunar Eclipse is at 13 degree Capricorn.

Overall, this is a good one! Look to see what happens between June 5, July 5, Solar Eclipse at 0 degree Cancer is not good, unfortunately. Look to see what happens for you between June 21 — July 21 Lunar Eclipse at 15 degree Sagittarius The lunar eclipse is making a very tight square aspect to Mars.

Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses

There could be some action or impatience in attaining the one you love d in the past… And because Venus will be Retrograde , it implies that it may involve some past love interest or previous money situation that is revisited. Lunar eclipses present the best time for retreat and strong individual spiritual introspection.

But of course, this week the moon is in the 12 th house, the domain of the invisible. Many breakthroughs related to neediness, addictions, and laziness can be achieved this week! Later this week, the moon will enter its waning phase, which lasts until the end of lunar Aquarius. Many more blessings are around the corner for us. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Sagittarius, and solar Aquarius is also starting. Mars in Aries is strongly pushing us forward to start pioneer ventures.

The universe is definitely opening up new ventures and vantage points! With so much fire in the cosmos, the only current restriction is to avoid jumping to conclusions! Saturn and Pluto conjunct with Mercury in Capricorn are warning us to control our words, and to be mindful of tactlessness at all costs. With clearer minds and an opened route, lunar and solar Aquarius is the perfect moment to step out of our boxes.

Remember, the month is ruled by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus. In fact, the revolutionary spirit of Uranus breaks the strict boundaries of Saturn. Hence, the homework assignment of this week: open up all possibilities!

This week, meditate on the 72 Name Hey Resh Yud , for long-range vision, giving us the greatest support! Agree Close.


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