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Over 96, asteroids have been given numbers.

Almost 12, of them have names. These are the five most common asteroids astrologers use when interpreting your horoscope. Asteroids in your horoscope: Astrology advocates to study the supposed influence of asteroids Image: Getty.

Asteroid Kleopatra and Its Two Moons

Asteroids in your horoscope: Astrologers use five asteroids when interpreting your horoscope Image: Getty. Chiron is considered to have a healing power to transform deep pain into something positive.

Ceres asteroid: Ceres is the largest and roundest asteroid, resembling the Moon. Pallas asteroid: Pallas was the God of Wisdom, and many astrologers interpret Pallas as an indicator of intelligence and healing through wisdom. The only exceptions to the 1.

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Start by checking the placement of asteroid bodies on the following planets and points: in order from most to least important. Nota Bene: Many of us might fall in love with the idea a particular asteroid: Eros , the God of erotic love, is a perennial favorite.

Unfortunately, most of us will not have a strongly aspected Eros, but we can still note the sign and house position of prominent asteroids for interpretation. They might even get tangled into endless paramours with their colleagues and subordinates.

Asteroids in Astrology: How to Use Them

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