Scorpio man and scorpio woman love compatibility

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Scorpio Man in Love With a Scorpio Woman

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Scorpio And Scorpio Love Compatibility And Friendship Match

From naughty to nice, my reviews of ebooks on dating, love, sex and more. Astrology compatibility. All the power and intensity in this relationship makes the couple extremely prone to being together for years. Though their bond may face troubled waters, they will bounce back instantly to become a little more malleable and mellow when facing unchartered territories.

The Scorpio man will find true and ultimate pleasure to be with his Scorpio woman and she will feel the same for him. Your wedding date determines your couple personality. Find out what kind of a couple you and your partner are. Scorpio Man - Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility A power house in the truest sense of the term, a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman combination can initiate magic in the world if they wish to. Find out what your birth year means.

All Rights Reserved. You are not allowed to copy any content for any commercial purposes. But as they say, the course of true love never did run smooth, and likewise, both of these highly intuitive star signs often find that even their own sharp senses could use some advice from time to time on how to make the relationship work. Both Cancer and Scorpio are star signs ruled by the water element — often surprising people who figure that out for Scorpio, who is represented by the scorpion, a desert animal.

Yet their introverted nature and defensiveness to conceal emotional rawness can certainly be related to with ease by Cancer. Represented by the crab, Cancer people also have a tougher exterior to hide an easily wounded core, as well as claws that can not only be used to attack and defend, but also to clutch onto that which they desire.

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Just as scorpions and crabs are similar creatures from very different worlds, so too are Scorpio and Cancer people from different walks of life, but united in their outlook. As star signs of the water element, Cancer and Scorpio each trust greatly in gut feelings, instinctual reactions and intuition. However, the dark side of that is that Cancer and Scorpio can be suspicious by default, even of one another at first. Death, sex, money, power and the great unspoken truths in the dark are what drives these people.

Sexual Astrology - Scorpio Woman and Scorpio Man

Although the moon rules the home and family, it also can represent the hidden and secret emotions — the darker side of the moon indeed. This couple can shine a light on one another beautifully, illuminating their lives together and creating a great deal of emotional freedom for all. What can often seem like a dancing game of light and dark in matches between the Cancer woman and Scorpio man is actually built on more solid a foundation than is often thought — although so guarded as individuals are this pair, that it may take a while for them to open up to one another entirely.

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Doing so is well worth it, though. The Cancer woman is someone for whom life is lived with caution, but also confidence.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Yet that hidden self is effortlessly visible to the tremendous insight and penetrating stare of the Scorpio man. Although not always the most conventionally handsome, he always has a distinct look that betrays him to those seeking him just as he so eagerly tries to elude the spotlight. This is the great detective of the zodiac, uncovering unscrupulous behaviour and lies with a glance. Luckily, astrology has also graced the Scorpio man with a great deal of personal charm, although the Cancer woman is just as pleasant to be around, and the pair likely hit it off nicely.

Moving to romance is a natural journey, but one riddled with nervousness and coy discussions from the pair as they make every effort to elude being hurt. They can learn to rely on their natural chemistry more and more as time goes on though, and both certainly need to learn that being open with their feelings is the best way to personal happiness — especially with one another. The couple protect and provide for one another with tender nurturing and superb emotional depth, although it can verge on codependency if managed poorly.

From time to time, the Cancer woman will fall foul of some sullenness that makes her irritable and difficult to communicate with, although she means no harm in this behaviour. Even the happiest and most fulfilled Cancer people have these episodes, and they pass with time — and the Scorpio man helps more than he realises by just being there.

Fortunately, blowouts between the pair are rare, and both the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man prefer to mate for life. The Cancer man is a likable soul, and someone who has learned quickly in life that things flow best when he adapts himself to meet the expectation of whatever crowd he finds himself in. However, certain people nonetheless see through to his true and often wounded self, and the Scorpio woman is likely one of them.