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Although the status of Ceres is unknown at the moment in astrology, due to its new definition as a dwarf planet, it has been suggested as the ruler of Virgo or Taurus. For some modern astrologers it is the ruling planet of Virgo and co-ruler of the 6th house with Mercury , and for some others the ruling planet of Taurus and the 2nd house with Venus. The possibility exists that it isn't involved with any sign, but in any event, it can almost definitely be attributed to the Earth element.

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Many modern astrologers assign what is called a "natural" rulership of each house of the horoscope to a different planet , in the same way as the zodiac signs are said to have rulers. Traditionally, however, rulership of houses was understood to apply only in the individual birth-chart, in what is called an "accidental" rulership. In this case, co-rulership of a house in the "native's" horoscope is shared by planets that rule the sign on the cusp and any sign intercepted within the house and planets occupying that house.

There are several different scenarios that one can use to determine rulership of a house When a person attempts to determine the rulership of a house, the more planets or bodies that rule that house will reveal its complexity. Generally, the sign on the cusp will be the outward representation of the rulership, but the ruler of the sign inside the house will not be readily apparent, but will manifest itself at critical points in a person's life. As in the case of intercepted houses, the sign that is in the middle of the house is the sign that the native must transcend before he can progress to the next phase of the house's rulership.

Therefore, as in the previous example, if a house is intercepted with the sign of Scorpio then the native must will be initially presented with many Libran qualities, but must work through those very intense issues of sex, death and regeneration before he will be able to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter, which will be the last and ultimate state the native must work through before he has fully experienced all of the aspects of that house.

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Furthermore, the ancients assigned domal dignity to the North and South nodes of the Moon, although these do not qualify as rulerships since the nodes do not have governance over any signs. However, the nodes are said to act more comfortably and reliably in those places:. Some discontent exist within the Western astrological community about some of the signs that are often still said to share rulers. Many suggestions have been made, but consensus could actually take centuries, as it did in the cases of Uranus and Neptune.

A dispositor is a delineation of planetary rulership in relation to the signs. For instance if Mercury is in Libra, its dispositor is Venus, if Venus is in turn in Sagittarius, its dispositor is Jupiter, and if Jupiter is Cancer its dispositor is the Moon. The more they care about a person, more critical they become. Fault-finding is a way to show their care, to bring out the best in their loved ones. Cleanliness-obsessed, they also love to put everything in order. Due to their reserved nature and control on emotions, their loved ones might think them to be emotionally cold.

Instead, they are very helpful, selfless, sensitive and very selective in choosing their friends and beloved. Do you know? Your Ascendant Sign is as important as your Sun Sign. Very health conscious, they easily get nervous and worried. They tend to worry about everything. Very responsible, they are often workaholics. They try to do their work with perfection, and do not want to leave any loose end.

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Though the Virgo Sun Sign individuals are self-critical as well, they take pride in their work and secretly think that their way of doing the work is the best. They love appreciation and respect, though when praised, might brush them off because of their shyness.